Nuestros consultores nos hacen diferentes. Somos capaces de resolver problemas de manera eficiente y sencilla, y enérgicos de apoyar y a la vez retar a nuestros clientes en la misma medida. Nos apasiona hacer un impacto medible y significado en todo lo que hacemos.

Nuestra sede se encuentra en Barcelona, España, sin embargo, buscamos talentos no solo en Barcelona, sino en Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Taipei, Tokio y Seúl.

Queremos crecer junto a nuestra gente. También nuestros consultores crecen junto a nuestros clientes. Escuchamos a cada uno de nuestro equipo y les damos formaciones regulares en diversos ángulos. Estamos orgullosos de trabajar aquí. Usted también lo estará. 

Lo Que Buscamos


 We look for market researchers who think logically and have deep insights in Fashion, Real Estate, Tourism, Wine, Food, Football, Retails and Art.

Commercial Real Estate Experts

 We support our global clients to purchase the real estates in Europe, especially for the investment assets in Spain. We look for passionate, reliable and

 trustworthy real estate experts who have deep knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. 

Business Consultants

 We look for passionate consultants who have deep knowledge and experience in Korean market and/or the Spanish market. 

 Consulting is all about helping clients overcome their most vexing challenges so we look for candidates with the ability to frame complex problems, think 
creatively, find pragmatic solutions and have non-negotiable passion for the consulting projects they would lead.

Oferta de Trabajo

Internship Position

 We are currently looking for self-motivated and dynamic candidates for internship positions.

 Function description:

 - Communicate with the Japanese customers via email and telephone

 - Assist online marketing activities for the Japanese market


 - Friendly person with excellent communication skills 

 - Proactive responsible and organized with good attention to detail 

 - Native in Japanese and fluent in English (Spanish or Korean would be a big plus)

 - Lives in Barcelona, Spain